Michael Mohi

Managing Director

Michael Mohi, managing director, is an experienced media executive with an extensive background in publishing, television and printing. In the 1980s he formed his own publishing business, successfully launching a raft of national magazines in Australia. He launched Countdown magazine with the ABC, the title becoming Australia’s biggest circulating youth music and lifestyle magazine with a circulation of over 100,000 copies. Michael, a Kiwi, has 45 years’ media experience. He worked as a radio and television journalist and current affairs producer with the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation and Television New Zealand. Crossing the Tasman Michael joined TCN Nine as a director and amongst other duties was responsible for the Network’s promotion of World Series Cricket. In recent times Michael has worked as a senior executive for Spotpress, now one of Australia’s major web offset printing companies and was responsible for the production of ABHR and Rail Express. “I’ve been close to ABHR and Rail Express for many years,” explained Michael and when Informa made the decision to focus on other core areas of its global business, it presented a unique opportunity “I’m very confident that the publications will grow over the next few years and I am currently developing new ideas with the team to build upon what are very well established and important industry products.” Mohi Media will continue to develop the digital platforms for both products however Michael sees the print component remaining an integral part of the mix for the foreseeable future.” In the past two years I have seen a number of publishers drop the print component altogether only to re-introduce it albeit on a reduced scale within a matter of months. Today’s multi-faceted platforms provide publishers with an exciting cocktail of opportunities. Our success will be measured by how well we manage the mix”